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Upcoming Events

  • Jul 5
    First Thursday Street Gallery Jul 05 @NW Portland
  • Oct 13
    Portland Open Studios Oct 13 to Oct 14
  • Oct 20
    Portland Open Studios Oct 20 to Oct 21

Today’s Events

  • Aug 3
    Heartbreak City Aug 03 to Sep 30 @Redux Gallery
  • Aug 28
    Gabriel Liston and Kevin Kadar Aug 28 to Sep 29 @Froelick Gallery
  • Aug 30
    Michele Collier, Michael Vos, Penda Diakité, Andy Kennedy Aug 30 to Sep 23 @Guardino Gallery
  • Sep 2
    30th Anniversary Exhibition September Edition Sep 02 to Sep 29 @Butters Gallery
  • Sep 4
    Hands in Water Sep 04 to Sep 30 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Lisa Jarrett, Melanie Stevens Sep 05 to Sep 29 @Russo Lee Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Encounters Sep 05 to Sep 30 @PDX Contemporary Art
  • Sep 5
    Ford Smith Sep 05 to Sep 30 @Schafer Fine Art Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Amy Stephens Sep 05 to Oct 27 @Upfor Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Grocery Sep 05 to Oct 28 @Wolff Gallery


Andrew Madlem, Painter

Painter and designer from Portland, OR.
Painting is my medium of choice. I focus on creating from the heart, letting my intuition guide me as I move through each piece. The goal is always to just make things that feel right, that feel natural to me. I prefer painting large-scale, allowing the movement my whole body to become part of the working process. I try to work quickly when I can, not giving my brain the opportunity to prejudge and critique as I go, allowing the work to naturally reveal itself. Abstract is my favorite subject matter as it allows individuals to create their own associations and perceptions of the work, a meaning unique to only them. I also explore landscapes, sill life and figure painting. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. This is my home and I continue to enjoy all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I graduated from Oregon State University in 2005.