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Upcoming Events

  • Oct 20
    Portland Open Studios Oct 20 to Oct 21

Today’s Events

  • Sep 5
    Amy Stephens Sep 05 to Oct 27 @Upfor Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Grocery Sep 05 to Oct 28 @Wolff Gallery
  • Sep 6
    Conversation: Aluminum, Oil, Rubber Sep 06 to Oct 26 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Sep 27
    Day of the Dead show Sep 27 to Oct 21 @Guardino Gallery
  • Oct 1
    Ted Katz and Fred Holcomb Oct 01 to Oct 27 @Butters Gallery
  • Oct 1
    Land | Reland [Portland] Oct 01 to Oct 27 @Upfor Gallery
  • Oct 3
    Pamela Green – I Am Nature Oct 03 to Oct 27 @Augen Gallery
  • Oct 3
    All that I can see from here Oct 03 to Oct 27 @PDX Contemporary Art
  • Oct 4
    Profusion Oct 04 to Oct 28 @Eutectic Gallery
  • Oct 4
    MOODS - New Works by Artist Jeane Myers Oct 04 to Oct 31 @Gallery 903


EJ Baeza, Photographer

Local Photographer, videographer and musician
Website Owner
Together with his wife Kathy McCarthy, E. J. Baeza moved from California to Oregon in June of 2006 in order to begin a new life and livelihood. Kathy became a jewelry designer and E. J. decided to pursue his creative passions for painting, photography, videography and music. Kathy and E. J. decided to call their new art company Midlife Crisis Studios. In order to differentiate his fine art photography from other photographers’ work, E. J. has developed a technique he calls “Renderization”. E. J. takes his conventional and digital photographic images and applies a unique combination of digital filters to create images that have a more “rendered” look than conventional photography. E. J. has been exhibiting his conventional and “Renderized” images at Valley Art Gallery and in other gallery environments in the greater Portland area.