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Upcoming Events

  • Oct 20
    Portland Open Studios Oct 20 to Oct 21

Today’s Events

  • Sep 5
    Amy Stephens Sep 05 to Oct 27 @Upfor Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Grocery Sep 05 to Oct 28 @Wolff Gallery
  • Sep 6
    Conversation: Aluminum, Oil, Rubber Sep 06 to Oct 26 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Sep 27
    Day of the Dead show Sep 27 to Oct 21 @Guardino Gallery
  • Oct 1
    Land | Reland [Portland] Oct 01 to Oct 27 @Upfor Gallery
  • Oct 1
    Ted Katz and Fred Holcomb Oct 01 to Oct 27 @Butters Gallery
  • Oct 3
    All that I can see from here Oct 03 to Oct 27 @PDX Contemporary Art
  • Oct 3
    Pamela Green – I Am Nature Oct 03 to Oct 27 @Augen Gallery
  • Oct 4
    Raymond Meeks: halfstory halflife Oct 04 to Oct 28 @Charles A. Hartman Fine Art
  • Oct 4
    Laurie Danial - The Back of Beyond Oct 04 to Oct 27 @Froelick Gallery


Elaine Treadwell, Sculptor

Sculpture: Vessel forms . I also create mixed media works on paper.
As a sculptor I work primarily with the forms of Vessels and Nests. My current expressions are begun with a paper mache and plaster mix, sometimes encaustic and mosaic overlay techniques are applied to their surfaces. Each one expresses a quality in the natural world or a shape that grows from the found objects I collect. When I begin to shape a new piece I rarely have any idea how it will develop. I enjoy being surprised. When creating two dimensional mixed media works on paper my focus is quite different. The foundation of sacred geometry and years of contemplative practice are shaped into mandalas that tell the stories of my inner life. While appearing to be quite different, these two directions of my artistic expression create a balance. I need both ways of working to find my balance as an artist.