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Today’s Events

  • Oct 20
    Day of the Dead / Repose Oct 20 to Nov 25 @Redux Gallery
  • Oct 29
    Light Revealed Oct 29 to Dec 01 @Butters Gallery
  • Oct 30
    Victor Maldonado - Liberation Stories Oct 30 to Dec 01 @Froelick Gallery
  • Oct 30
    Tyger! Tyger! Oct 30 to Dec 01 @Gallery 903
  • Oct 31
    Clint Brown, Bill Rades Oct 31 to Dec 01 @Blackfish Gallery
  • Oct 31
    Tara Murino-Brault "Illuminations" Oct 31 to Dec 30 @Wolff Gallery
  • Oct 31
    Carolyn Cole Oct 31 to Nov 30 @Gallery 903
  • Nov 1
    George Johanson Nov 01 to Dec 01 @Augen Gallery
  • Nov 1
    CHRISTIAN J. BARRIOS: VIVIENDO MUERTO! Nov 01 to Dec 03 @Pearl Gallery and Framing
  • Nov 1
    John Whitten: Stochastic Resonance Nov 01 to Dec 01 @Charles A. Hartman Fine Art


Genevieve Margaret Mercatante, Painter

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My source material and inspirations come from films, people I know, found photographs, and art history. Drawing on my passion for acting, storytelling, and film, my work indirectly deals with emotions and human relationships through the medium of archetypal iconography. My work has been described as “a field where Frida Kahlo and Luc Tuymans can engage in pictorial conversation.” I use my personal voice to explore relationships and people on an intimate level. Focusing on mood and contextualizing my subject matter, I am able to make my work independent of its sources, rather than a mere representation of the material. In this way, my work is more open to the interpretation of the viewer, regardless of their background knowledge.