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Upcoming Events

  • Jul 5
    First Thursday Street Gallery Jul 05 @NW Portland
  • Oct 13
    Portland Open Studios Oct 13 to Oct 14
  • Oct 20
    Portland Open Studios Oct 20 to Oct 21

Today’s Events

  • Aug 3
    Heartbreak City Aug 03 to Sep 30 @Redux Gallery
  • Aug 28
    Gabriel Liston and Kevin Kadar Aug 28 to Sep 29 @Froelick Gallery
  • Aug 30
    Michele Collier, Michael Vos, Penda Diakité, Andy Kennedy Aug 30 to Sep 23 @Guardino Gallery
  • Sep 2
    30th Anniversary Exhibition September Edition Sep 02 to Sep 29 @Butters Gallery
  • Sep 4
    Hands in Water Sep 04 to Sep 30 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Lisa Jarrett, Melanie Stevens Sep 05 to Sep 29 @Russo Lee Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Encounters Sep 05 to Sep 30 @PDX Contemporary Art
  • Sep 5
    Ford Smith Sep 05 to Sep 30 @Schafer Fine Art Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Amy Stephens Sep 05 to Oct 27 @Upfor Gallery
  • Sep 5
    Grocery Sep 05 to Oct 28 @Wolff Gallery


Kira Treloar, Jewelry Artist

Handcrafted, vintage inspired, wire jewelry and accessories
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As far back as I can remember I have had a love of fashion. My grandmother taught me to crochet at age 7 and I started making crochet headbands and hats for everyone I knew. Then, at age 8, my mom taught me to sew. It was then that I made my first mini skirt, hot pink with a heart sewn on the back. What can I say, it was the 90's. Finally, my mom began to teach me to make jewelry in high school, and I fell in love! I have since continued to increase my skill level and learn new techniques in order to create in new ways. I have found wire wrapping to be my absolute favorite! When I create with wire I enter into a meditative state and do not return until I have created something beautiful. I put a lot of love into every piece of jewelry that I create and I feel truly blessed to be able to share it with the world. My jewelry is heavily influenced by the styles of ancient cultures (especially egyptian culture), as well as the southwestern styles of Mexico, and, of course, the bohemian trends of the 1970's. It is my hope that you find something special in my shop, something that truly speaks to you, and makes you feel like the goddess that you are. Have fun browsing, and feel free to contact me with any questions.