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Today’s Events

  • Feb 7
    Chris Topper, Micah Krock, Chris Pothier Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery
  • Feb 7
    Abstract Showcase Feb 07 to Mar 31 @Gallery 903
  • Feb 7
    John David Forsgren, Julia Mangold Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Feb 27
    Rumors by Small Talk Collective Feb 27 to Apr 28 @Wolff Gallery
  • Mar 1
    Spectrum Mar 01 to Mar 31 @Eutectic Gallery
  • Mar 1
    Night Gallery Mar 01 to Mar 29 @Splendorporium
  • Mar 1
    Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain Mar 01 to Apr 15 @High Desert Museum
  • Mar 1
    A Touch Of Green Mar 01 to Mar 31 @Attic Gallery
  • Mar 2
    The Art of Being Young Mar 02 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery
  • Mar 3
    Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme: Mar 03 to Apr 07 @Disjecta Contemporary Art Center


Paula Andrea Orrego-Pizarro, Sculptor

I am a Chilean born leather artist.
Biography Born in 1974 in Vina del Mar Chile, Paula grew up in Iquique, a beautiful city in the north of Chile. Paula spent much of her early life surrounded by art. Her Grandmother, who was also an artist, immersed her into the art world. People describe Paula as passionate, energetic, and persistent. Her creativity is unstoppable. After many years, creating in so many various different art mediums, like drawing, painting, copper sculptures, stones, jewelry, pyrography, weaving and embroidery. Paula’s Hobbies Paula was finally seduced by the beauty, smell, versatility and tactile nature of this wonderful ancient medium called “Leather”. Her artwork is entirely handcrafted from natural cowhide. The leather is wet formed and continually molded until dry, dyed and colored, taking up to a week for one piece. It is then covered with a protective sealer. All her masks and sculptures are one-off and are for indoor use only. “I always create with my heart and soul. It isolates me from the rest, leaving me in my own world where sky is the limit. An artist is free only if realizes that his art represents his very own personal vision of the world.” There is nothing like freedom to stir the heart and passions for what you love. There is nothing better than freedom. No one else sees a tree like I do or a star or the sun, this vision is mine and no other opinion would ever change that fact. Everyone else thoughts, their criticisms and interpretations of my work, can be beneficial for me as a side view. The greatest gift of all for an artist is the ability to express their vision, feelings and emotions with their art. This is what the artist leaves behind to remind the world of their existence, their time here on Earth, and the artist’s voice of opinion is remembered. ”I would like to thank my family for their tremendous support and belief in me. This is what keeps me going!”