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Today’s Events

  • Oct 31
    Tara Murino-Brault "Illuminations" Oct 31 to Dec 30 @Wolff Gallery
  • Nov 1
    Issac Layman - Never Was A Thing Nov 01 to Dec 29 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Nov 1
    Ralph Pugay - A Spiritual Guide to Brute Force Nov 01 to Dec 22 @Upfor Gallery
  • Dec 4
    Chasing Sophia Dec 04 to Jan 19 @Froelick Gallery
  • Dec 4
    The Immigrant Experience Dec 04 to Dec 29 @Blackfish Gallery
  • Dec 4
    HIBIKI MIYAZAKI – Paintings, Prints & Sculptures Dec 04 to Dec 29 @Augen Gallery
  • Dec 5
    Reverence - Jeffrey Conley Dec 05 to Jan 19 @Charles A. Hartman Fine Art
  • Dec 6
    Serena Barton - Marking Time Dec 06 to Dec 29 @Gallery 114
  • Dec 6
    The Eternal Magic of Our Soul Dec 06 to Jan 02 @Pearl Gallery and Framing
  • Dec 6
    Winter Group Exhibition Dec 06 to Dec 22 @Butters Gallery


Remedios Rapoport, Painter

Hand painted words and pictorials on shaped panels with decorative filete.
Website Remedios Rapoport
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My work is an on going investigation of ways to stimulate social change for protecting our communities and the natural environment of the Earth from destructive practices. The Gentle Revolution Manifesto, I wrote in 2006, presents the values that inform my work. (See my website for details, I want to stimulate the viewers' eyes and minds with great beauty and ideas. Inspiring them to participate in making our communities and world more beautiful, healthy, and sustainable. My paintings are sometimes assemblage as I paint with any media or material appropriate for the concepts of each piece. Often these pieces become elaborate and finely crafted utilizing sign painting, gilding, oil painting, and acrylic painting, onto wood or metal shaped panels, other media, collage or found objects. They are hand drawn, cut, sculpted, painted, gilded and finished to perfection. Intending to share my work and ideas with a broad diverse range of people. I now have cards and signed prints of my original work so almost anyone can afford my art. Smaller original art is also available to view or purchase at street events or by appointment at my studio. I'm currently working on a series of paintings Sacred Earth, Holy Water (due for viewing in 2016) from wilderness areas of the Olympic National Forest. My intense love of our Earth is a sacred refuge for me.