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Today’s Events

  • Feb 7
    Chris Topper, Micah Krock, Chris Pothier Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery
  • Feb 7
    Abstract Showcase Feb 07 to Mar 31 @Gallery 903
  • Feb 7
    John David Forsgren, Julia Mangold Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Feb 27
    Rumors by Small Talk Collective Feb 27 to Apr 28 @Wolff Gallery
  • Feb 28
    Karen Thurman, Claire Browne, Jikai Golan Feb 28 to Mar 24 @Guardino Gallery
  • Mar 1
    Spectrum Mar 01 to Mar 31 @Eutectic Gallery
  • Mar 1
    Night Gallery Mar 01 to Mar 29 @Splendorporium
  • Mar 1
    Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain Mar 01 to Apr 15 @High Desert Museum
  • Mar 1
    A Touch Of Green Mar 01 to Mar 31 @Attic Gallery
  • Mar 2
    The Art of Being Young Mar 02 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery


Russell Parker, Photographer

Thought provoking quotes, jokes, sneakers & scenery = a happy antidote.
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What do you do when you’re suffering from something and there is no cure? You make one. When one suffers, a little help can go a long way. Continue to find positives through adversity. This book contains: - My views as a Native American in todays society. - Quotes from “Book of Russell: Mental Liberation and Rezervations”, a book that I wrote. - Jokes that I wrote and performed as a comedian. - Images of my favorite sneakers (mostly) mixed in different settings taken on my travels. Because it’s your book, please take advantage of the blank spaces for your own doodles or personal memos. You can also choose to make some of the images into wall art. Take a journey through my mind, see if this doesn’t make you feel better too.