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Today’s Events

  • Jan 2
    Field of View 2018 Artist Residency Exhibition Jan 02 to Feb 24 @Wolff Gallery
  • Jan 3
    Rebecca Reeve - Sun Breathing Jan 03 to Mar 02 @Upfor Gallery
  • Jan 22
    Terrell James, Ritsuko Ozeki Jan 22 to Mar 02 @Froelick Gallery
  • Jan 31
    Paula Blackwell, Hanna Traynham, Celeste LeBlanc Jan 31 to Feb 26 @Guardino Gallery
  • Feb 1
    Mike Smith Paintings Feb 01 to Feb 24 @Attic Gallery
  • Feb 1
    The Pink Show Feb 01 to Feb 22 @Splendorporium
  • Feb 5
    Meet the Makers Feb 05 to Mar 03 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Feb 6
    Meet the Makers Feb 06 to Mar 03 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Feb 7
    Chris Topper, Micah Krock, Chris Pothier Feb 07 to Mar 30 @Steel Door Gallery
  • Feb 7
    Abstract Showcase Feb 07 to Mar 31 @Gallery 903


Steve Eichenberger

Original Acrylic Paintings
So much happening in the world, so quickly, so many sides to issues -- artmaking gives me an intuitive means to try to make sense of the daily blur of life. Painting gives me a vehicle of expression for many things: catharsis, anger, elation, analysis, beauty, innocence, love, cynicism, humor, social commentary, joy and gratitude. It challenges me on every level. I've been privileged to make my full time living from art since 1995, and have come to appreciate art as an essential ingredient of any culture worth living in. I look forward to taking it to the streets.