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Upcoming Events

  • Feb 22
    Kelly Neidig, Rodney Stuart, Nanette Wallace Feb 22 to Mar 27 @Guardino Gallery

Today’s Events

  • Jan 4
    Starting From Darkness Jan 04 to Mar 04 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Jan 4
    Dorothy Glenn "Generous Mystery" Jan 04 to Feb 25 @Wolff Gallery
  • Jan 16
    Regarding Rascals Jan 16 to Feb 24 @Froelick Gallery
  • Jan 20
    Flood Jan 20 to Feb 24 @Disjecta
  • Jan 20
    Stratospheric Jan 20 to Mar 02 @Geezer Gallery @ Artists Repertory Theatre
  • Jan 25
    Susan Opie, Bryn Harding, Nancy Abens Jan 25 to Feb 20 @Guardino Gallery
  • Feb 1
    Retrospective to Prospective Feb 01 to Feb 25 @Basic Space Gallery
  • Feb 1
    Harem Room-1 and Two Women Feb 01 to Feb 24 @Upfor Gallery
  • Feb 1
    The Shape of Things Feb 01 to Feb 28 @Gallery 903
  • Feb 1
    Sanctuary Feb 01 to Feb 25 @Gallery 114


William Hernandez, Painter

I am a figurative artist
I am a figurative artist and who paints exclusively with acrylic on canvas. In my artistic process, there is always a period of reflection and observation before the production of my latest series. When I pick up my paintbrush, it is often a hectic rush of artistic outlet to transpose the contents in my head to the canvas. Acrylic, with its fast drying properties, works best with my style. I rarely use sketches, so my creations are spontaneous and unannounced, and sometimes even surprising to myself. The colorful, imaginative, dreamlike, and at times melancholic world that I create in Portland is both a combination and rebirth of my life as the artist I was in Peru five years ago. I weave together memories, experiences, lessons, loss, friendships, achievements, and feelings. Portland’s colors contrast with the beautiful landscapes of the interiors of Peru, but the gloomy backdrop of Lima also contains magic and rituals beyond what is found in a more intimate city like Portland. I try to capture these flashes of insight rooted in people and place with my signature style, hoping that what finds its way to the canvas will evoke a personal response from the viewer, thus creating a bridge crossing divides between cultures.