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Upcoming Events

  • Feb 22
    Kelly Neidig, Rodney Stuart, Nanette Wallace Feb 22 to Mar 27 @Guardino Gallery

Today’s Events

  • Jan 4
    Starting From Darkness Jan 04 to Mar 04 @Waterstone Gallery
  • Jan 4
    Dorothy Glenn "Generous Mystery" Jan 04 to Feb 25 @Wolff Gallery
  • Jan 16
    Regarding Rascals Jan 16 to Feb 24 @Froelick Gallery
  • Jan 20
    Flood Jan 20 to Feb 24 @Disjecta
  • Jan 20
    Stratospheric Jan 20 to Mar 02 @Geezer Gallery @ Artists Repertory Theatre
  • Jan 25
    Susan Opie, Bryn Harding, Nancy Abens Jan 25 to Feb 20 @Guardino Gallery
  • Feb 1
    The Shape of Things Feb 01 to Feb 28 @Gallery 903
  • Feb 1
    Sanctuary Feb 01 to Feb 25 @Gallery 114
  • Feb 1
    Assemblage & Collage Feb 01 to Mar 31 @Elizabeth Leach Gallery
  • Feb 1
    Phraseology Feb 01 to Feb 24 @Butters Gallery


John D Ricker, Furniture Artist

modernist furniture using reclaimed stone and steel
I started my career creating sculptures from smashed guns, including a full sized coffin, illustrating the ultimate purpose of guns. As a self trained artist, I honed my metal working skills by developing a line of modernist furniture using recycled metal and reclaimed stone and wood. I use traditional patinas and modern resin dyes to finish and protect the metal. The finishes range from clear to a full spectrum of transparent colors, and patinas range from light pecan to deep mahogany. In addition, I design and create bent metal gates and fence panels in organic and modern forms.